What We Have Learned From This Pandemic

What We Have Learned From This Pandemic

What We Have Learned From This Pandemic For Interior Designer

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the average occupancy rate to decline significantly and continuously since last year. In addition to that, most nationwide also call to “reduce unnecessary travel”. This pandemic is forecasted to cast a serious and lasting impact on the hospitality industry because it has created “a new normal” standard of living.

We also have a different approach to completing our projects for our clients. Mostly we use digital meeting and video conferencing showing our samples and presentations with our clients. With current technology, we can share and present with good quality. Our back-office team has prepared a good quality digital camera with a bright light that enables us to give presentations even from afar and showing the material color with their grit and shine. Different clients have different preferences for their digital meeting platform, however, our tech team has prepared for every application that we use.

These are nice tips for interior designers that have online meetings. Before the meeting, we want to make sure that these items ready, such as:

  • Internet upload speed, with a minimum of 2 Mbps
  • Several cameras already connected to switch and change between views
  • Natural light and backup lights ready

We want to make sure the client has a clear understanding of the project design style and match with the hotel and budget. Our material selection has also been selected from selective local suppliers because we want to make sure the material is easy to purchase and ready stock. We prefer the materials to be environmentally friendly. (CW)

Chrisma Wibowo